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Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter on the Prairie

Ice tongs used to lift blocks of ice cut from lakes in the winter

The museum has a new display at the Laurens Public Library, called Winter on the Prairie.  As you're trying to keep warm this winter, remember that our ancestors endured Iowa winters without central heating  or heated vehicles. 

There is plenty of warm clothing displayed including several fur items. There is also a soapstone warmer. They heated up the soapstone on the stove and put it in bed or took it on a buggy or sleigh ride. 

At the exhibit, you'll see a "hay twist" that was made by a Pocahontas County pioneer, F.K. Hawley (1870-1945), These hay twists were the first fuels for cooking and heating on the prairie. Folks  probably warmed up quite a bit just by making them. Anyway, hop into your heated car and drive over to the heated library to enjoy this exhibit.