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Monday, July 21, 2014

Visitors at the Museum

Over 170 people visited the museum during the Laurens Celebration Days this past weekend. Many of them had a chance to play the piano, listen to the gramaphone, see the egg washer in action, and turn the corn sheller. The kids had great fun cracking nuts and eating sorghum and ginger cookies. 

It's lots of fun having  visitors. We love how the museum holds so many stories and the visitors have their own stories, too. I learned that there is a farm nearby where you can still see the original drainage ditches made at the turn of the century. A surveyor came, admired our old surveyor's instrument, and made adjustments to it. And there's always the memories of when the building was the town library. Of course, the building was a lot bigger when they were kids!

We can't wait until we get more visitors. Call us anytime and arrange a visit.
Joe: 712-845-2014
Dorothy: 573-692-5614

 Maybe you have a story, too.