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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lots of Fun at the Museum

Kids explore old-time cooking and baking.

Kids use hammers to nail and a brace and bit to drill.

The lawn in front of the museum was busy all afternoon on Saturday during the Laurens Fall Fest.  Kids explored the activities set up by museum volunteers and came back for more throughout the afternoon. 

Lots of nails were pounded and holes drilled with an antique brace and bit. Thanks to RB Lumber for the donation of a tub full of wood scraps! On a quilt laid out on the ground, other kids made herbal sachets from cedar chips and garden herbs. The dried lemon balm was the favorite choice. The last activity was a "cooking station" complete with beans to shell, mini-pumpkins, play dough and biscuit cutters, a table and dishes and a stove and sink set-up. 

The afternoon certainly illustrated that you don't need a lot of fancy toys to engage kids for hours. Maybe, they want a break from technology, too!