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Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Box Full of Stories

We can always expect to hear great stories and learn a lot when we head to area nursing homes. We weren't disappointed last week, when we entered the Laurens Care Center. We had been there a few months ago with farm items. We had lots of fun and so we made a return visit, this time with a box or two filled with household items from the museum collection. 

We started off with a glass milk bottle. Right away we heard a story about competing dairies leaving gifts of milk on the doorsteps of new neighbors. We also learned about rural delivery of milk which was new information for us.  A meat grinder lay in the bottom of our box of goodies. Not being from the Midwest, I didn't know about using a meat grinder to make egg salad and cranberry relish. Hey, I thought it was a meat grinder! 

These programs are so easy and pleasant for us to do. All we need to do is pull out an item and listen and learn. We hope the residents enjoyed it as much as we did. We'll be returning soon for another visit.