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Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Displays at your Local Library

We loaded up the car with museum goodies and took to the road again last week to provide new displays for three of our county libraries.

Pocahontas Library is now hosting the display "Lesson Learned" which was originally put together for the dedication of the school house at Wiegert Farm this past summer.

The large display case at the Laurens Library is filled with an exhibit put together by the Finders Keepers Club. You'll be shaking your head and chuckling as you read the advice doled out to the 1950's housewife.

The Rolfe Public Library has a display that we put together just for them with memorabilia from the Rolfe School. There's an old brick from the first schoolhouse in the county which was located at old Rolfe. There's a diploma from Watson W. Beam, son of one of the first doctors in the county, and a graduation class photo from 1904. There's a 1916 football uniform that doesn't afford much protection and picture of the football team that wore those uniforms. Don't miss the photo of Rolfe High School's two Rhodes scholars, Virgil Hancher (1918) and Charles Gordon Siefken (1930).  Yes, two graduates from Rolfe High School went on to receive a Rhodes scholarship considered one of the world's most prestigious awards!