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Monday, March 31, 2014

Hats and More at the Rolfe Public Library

The Rolfe Public Library  is hosting one of the museum's traveling exhibits. Stop in to check out the display of hats and accessories. The black hat on the left is from Cora Richardson's millinery shop. She ran the shop in Rolfe during the second decade of the twenthieth century.  The hat  was donated by a Rolfe resident. Her friend spotted this treasure in an antique store, saw the Rolfe label inside, and bought it for her. We were lucky enough to receive the hat this year.  

We have a  large collection of hats at the museum,  reflecting the popularity of hats in the nineteeth and early twentieth centuries. Included in the display at Rolfe is a photo of some Laurens women all decked out in their very large hats. Does anyone have a similar photo of Rolfe women? We'd love to have a copy.

When you are at Rolfe also check out the parasol. Once parasols became popular, hats became less important for keeping the sun off the face, but they still remained popular as a fashion accessory. After 1920, hats lost favor and they have not been universally worn since then.