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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Let there be Light!

 new fixtures in the west room of the museum

The lights at the museum were old. Like all old things, it was hard to repair them when they broke. Every time a ballast blew, the rooms got darker. 

We're happy to report that we were able to fix the problem by replacing the fixtures in the west room upstairs and retrofitting the fixtures in the main room. The difference is huge.

This was possible with the help of the city of Laurens as well as community donors. Laurens Municipal Utilities helped us to order materials, provided rebates, and best of all did the installation work. We offer them a huge thank you!  

We were able to pay for the lights with donations that we received in 2015 to repair the damaged stucco outside the front door of the museum. The stucco bill was paid. Thanks to the generosity of donors, we had almost five hundred dollars left over to use on the lights. 

It's wonderful having the support of the city, the county and the community at large!