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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Learn Local

examing prayer book, photo and stethoscope
belonging to Dr. David Nolan of Havelock

Ms. Stover's American History class at Laurens-Marathon took their learning local with the help of volunteers at the museum. The class has been studying the Civil War and came to the museum to get a county angle on their studies.

They were shown the museum's Civil War artifacts which include a prayer book, guns, cartridge and cap boxes, a bayonet, a sword, and photos. They were challenged to pay attention to their own feelings and reactions as they held each object. The volunteers told stories of the men who used those items during the war and ultimately settled in Pocahontas County. 

The local lesson ended with a tasting of hardtack and cornmeal cakes, two staples of Civil War soldiers. The cornmeal cakes met with polite but distinct disapproval.

 sampling corn cakes