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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Learning Local History Together

 American History Students 
With the WWI Artifacts They Chose for Their Display

There's a new display at the Laurens Public Library brought to the community through a collaboration of the Laurens-Marathon School, the Pocahontas County Historical Society Museum and Pocahontas County public libraries. For the past two years the museum has been providing displays at  three county libraries. These exhibits bring local history directly to county residents and are a great way for the museum to reach more people. 

When Emily Stover's American History class at the Laurens-Marathon School recently completed a unit on World War I, their textbook suggested making a virtual museum exhibit. Why not go one better and create the real thing? 

Museum volunteers brought local artifacts from that time period to their classroom and presented a tutorial on creating a meaningful museum exhibit. The students chose their artifacts, researched their history and relevance, and created informational signs. They decided how they wanted their items displayed and then arranged the display in cases at the Laurens Library. Glenda Mulder, the librarian, even came to work early to accommodate their morning class. 

Check it out yourself. The exhibit will travel later to the Rolfe and Pocahontas libraries. 

When we all work together, we can become stronger communities!