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Friday, April 15, 2016

Town Display is now at the Rolfe Library

Our display on the towns of Pocahontas county has moved to the Rolfe Library. Their display case is a bit smaller, so we had to edit some items. We were careful, however, to keep all the items that were directly related to Rolfe. Charles Webb, the druggist that appears in the photo, introduces the display by talking about the the role that small towns played in the development of the county. You'll find a photo of his drug store on Main Street as well as a medicine bottle from the store. Millinery shops, where women could buy and "refresh" their hats with new ribbons and feathers and other decorations, could be found in most towns and Rolfe was no exception. Look for a hat from Cora Richardson's shop in Rolfe. You'll also find other items from some of the other towns in the county. Enjoy!